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carefully for damage in shipping.  If any damage is found, notify us and the carrier  
who should make note of concealed damage.

Relief Valve (Where Used)
This highly sensitive precision finished Relief Valve will limit to approximately
60 mm Hg the pressure that can be applied by the Honan Intraocular Pressure Reducer.

Preparation For Use, Disposable
Do not autoclave or gas sterilize.
CAUTION: Do not sterilize the Pressure Gauge or Bulb Air Pump. They could
be damaged in the process.
It is clean, ready for use.  Remove from pouch and apply.

Positioning the Pressure Reducer
Tape upper lid closed to avoid touching cornea.  Place a Sterile Eye Pad or 4” x 4”
gauze over the eye and position the soft pneumatic Bellows over the pad and the eye,
securing it loosely in place with the adjustable Headband.
Apply Headband loosely enough to prevent putting pressure on eye before inflating
Bellows, but tightly enough to apply desired pressure when inflated.
Before inflating Bellows, read the Guidelines For Using The Pneumatic Eye Softener.